About Us

Flags 4 Me® Corp. has been manufacturing Flags, Banners and accessories since 1966. 

Our method enhances modern technology in flags manufacturing, replacing old embroided or silk-screen processed flags, which are heavier and hard to wave in the wind. Besides, their colors fade easily and production is very slow.

Our process results in flags with solid and exciting colors while improving logos, heraldries or custom messages. Our facilities can produce by far 10.000 3x5' flags and 20.000 desk flags a day.

Flags 4 Me® takes care of customers by providing them with up-to-date products, along with the Our professional team is ready to develop your idea or logo to be portrayed into FLAGS.

Call us today ! (305) 718-9719; Fax (305) 718-9919, sales@flags4me.com.




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